Week 4 Recap

League Notes:

Another great week in fantasy football. If Mike would of beat Bruce 6 teams would of been 3-1 and 6 teams would of been 1-3. That would of been pretty cool see.

Dominique 118, Dionn 54

Darius 97, Ross 93

Bruce 111, Mike 100

Tyson 168, Trae 113

Josiah 139, Matt 138

Brad 142, Torre 69

Week 3 Recap

Dominique 116, Darius 90

Dominique got back on track this week with a win over Darius. Dominique was led by 3 high scorers. Matt Ryan with 25, Marshawn Lynch with 27, and Emmanuel Sander with 25. Darius failed to put up points. Michael Crabtree did manage to score 24 for him though. Dominique (2-1) remains in 4th place while Darius (0-3) fell to last place. He is in desperate need of a win. It is notable that Darius has had the most points scored against him this year.

Bruce 121, Dionn 90

Bruce just keeps rolling. He got his third straight win over Dionn this week. Jeremy Maclin set the tone for Bruce with 29 points. Dionn picked up Kirk Cousins and that paid off big with him producing 30 points. Still not enough as Dionn (1-2) falls to 8th place while Bruce (3-0) remains in first place and the only unbeaten team. He unorthodox 3 quarterback aprroach is somehow working!

Mike 116, Ross 86

Mike got a nice win over Ross this week. Ross’s top scorers were Drew Brees with 21 and Hawkins with 15. Mike did not have any one player score in the 20’s but he had 6 players score in the teens. His team spread the ball around nice as his scored look very balanced. He did leave 21 points on the bench with Reggie Bush though. Mike improves his record to 2-1 and is in 3rd place. Ross (1-2) is currently in 7th place.

Tyson 119, Matt 82

After getting screwed over in the trade involving Adrian Peterson Tyson can be very proud to be (2-1) right now. His team looked good last week. Julio Jones had 37 points and Russell Wilson had 24 points. Matt cant be proud of his teams performance as he only has 2 guys score above 10 points. One of them was Tony Romo with 16 points. Tyson is now in 6th place and Matt (1-2) has dropped to 11th place.

Trae 131, Torre 80

I have to admit that I almost gave up on Trae’s team. Dont sleep on them guys! Trae got his first win of the season in a 50 point blowout over Torre even though his quarterback scored 0 points. Rashad Jennings has 23, M. Bennett had 22, and Desean Jackson had 22 as well. Torre just could not put up points. His defense scored -7. Nick Foles did have 28 points so that is something to build on. Trae (1-2) move from last place to 9th place while Torre (1-2) moved down to 10th place. Last years champion needs to get it together soon.

Josiah 116, Brad 106

Josiah won for the second straight week. This was the closest match up of the week. Antonio Gates was his high scorer last week and only got 1 point this week. That did not matter though because Demarco Murray had 21, AJ Green had 16, Victor Cruz had 21, and Lamar Miller had 16. Brad didn’t do bad as he was led by Antonio Brown with 31 points. Josiah (2-1) is no in second place! Brad (2-1) moves down to 5th place after being handed his first loss of the season.

Week 2 Recap

Bruce 137, Dominique 109

Dominique who was last weeks high scorer and second all time highest scorer got smashed this week. Bruce was led by Jordy Nelson with 35 while Dominique was led by the Bills defense with 21. Jordy Nelson is currently the number receiver in the league. It is also notable that Bruce is currently the totals points scored leader this season. He is one of the 2 undefeated teams as he improves to (2-0) while Dominique is now (1-1). Bruce is in first place for the first time in franchise history. Dominique fell from number one to number 4.

Mike 146, Darius 104

Mike was the high scorer in week 2. This helped him get his first win of the season as he defeated Darius. Mike was led by Jimmy Graham with 33 and Darius was led by Peyton Manning with 23. Mike (1-1) is now in third place. Darius (0-2) needs a win soon as he is in 11th place.

Ross 128, Dionn 85

Ross got back on track with a big win to avoid going 0-2. He defeated Dionn this week by over 40 points. Ross was led by the Patriots defense with 27 and Dionn was led by Darren Sproles with 30. Ross (1-1) is currently in 5th place while Dionn (1-1) sits in 7th place.

Tyson 105, Torre 77

Did you show up to work this week? If so, you can say you accomplished more than Torre’s team this week. His team scored the eighth lowest point total all time in the record books. Tyson got the win in this one led by Julio Jones with 21. Torre was led by Nick Foles with 19.  Tyson (1-1) is moved up to eighth place while Torre (1-1) moved out of the playoff picture in 9th place.

Brad 131, Matt 90

Brad is on a roll. He picked up his second win of the season with an impressive win over Matt. Brad was led by Dez Bryant with with 26. Matt was led by Randall Cobb with 22. Brad (2-0) is the other undefeated team as he is in second place. Matt (1-1) is currently in 10th place,

Josiah 139, Trae 87

Josiah had a good week this week. He was led by the veteran Antonio Gates with 34 points! This helped him get the win over Trae who was led by Arian Foster with 22 points. Josiah (1-1) is in sixth place while Trae (0-2) is in dead last place.

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Week 1 Recap

Dominique 175, Mike 140

Dominique got the highest score of the week to beat Mike. In fact this was the second best performance of all time in the history of 4th and Inches. Despite having the 3rd highest score of the week Mike was unable to reach a win. Dominique was led by Julius Thomas with 35 points and Matt Ryan with 33. Mike was led by Jay Cutler with 20. Dominique (1-0) starts the season in first place while Mike (0-1) debuts in seventh place.

Bruce 155, Ross 117

Bruce got the second highest score of the week to beat Ross. Bruce also joined the record books with the 9th highest score of all time in league history. Ross got it going a little bit but it wasn’t enough as he was led by Vernon Davis with 20. Bruce was led by Le’Veon Bell with 30 points and Jermy Maclin with 19. Bruce (1-0) starts the season in third place while Ross (0-1) debuts in eighth place.

Dionn 129, Darius 83

This game came as a surprise as Darius had the highest projection before the week started. This goes to show that you can’t always trust ESPN projections. Dionn got the win and was led by Megatron with  35 points while Darius was led by Peyton Manning with a surprisingly low 24 points. Dionn (1-0) starts the season in fourth place while Darius (0-1) starts the season in eleventh place.

Brad 107, Tyson 105

This game was a nail biter! Brad came out on top after Monday night with 58 combined points from Matt Stafford, Joique Bell, and Golden Tate. Tyson’s top scorer was  Brandin Cooks. Brad (1-0) debuts in fifth place while Tyson (0-1) debuts in ninth place.

Torre 133, Josiah 99

Last years champion Torre got the fourth highest score of the week to beat Josiah. Torre was led by Matt Forte with 24 and Cordarrelle Patterson with 21. Josiah was led by A.J. Green with 25 points. Torre (1-0) starts the season in second place while Josiah (0-1) debuts in tenth place.

Matt 85, Trae 76

This was the lowest scoring match up of the week. Matt managed to pull off a weak win over Trae. Bottom line he took care of business and a win is a win. Trae put up a dismal performance as he entered the record books with the 7th lowest score ever. Matt’s top scorer was Randall Cobb with 17. Trae was led by Martellus Bennett with 21. Matt(1-0) starts the season in sixth place while Trae (0-1) debuts in last place.


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