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High scorer of the week – Brad (145), Josiah (145)

Low scorer of the week – Mike (104)

Best player of the week – Matt – Andrew Luck (38)

Records Broken – none

Other than Antonio Brown and AJ Green, everyone’s top scorers were lower auction value guys. Just goes to show that the experts and draft values do not always know what is best. It was exciting to see that no one performed terribly bad. All teams were within 41 points within each other. It is going to be a fun competitive year. The East Conference did outperform the West Conference in week 1.




The season is well under way! A lot of surprises, injuries, and good performances. Always a good week when my Vikings win too! Check out some good laughs here about the ESPN Fantasy server going down!

I wrapped up my first win on Sunday with a 32 point performance from Spencer Ware. Bruce is cooking again as he already defeated Tyler 136-116 getting a lot of help from second string Theo Riddick with 27 points. Darius already locked up a win against Dionn. Brad is projected to come back to beat Tyson tonight since he has three players remaining. Josiah is also projected to come back and beat Torre tonight with 2 players left.  Trae marked in his first win of the season on Sunday with a win over last years second place finisher Matt.

Monday implications-

Tyson (0 left) vs Brad (3left) – Brad down 24

Torre (0 left) vs Josiah (2 left) – Josiah down 12




Here is a flash after the season opener! Torre stole the night away with his keeper selection CJ Anderson getting him 29 points. He is now projected to beat Josiah by 1 point. Kelvin Benjamin also had a big return for me bringing in 21 points after missing all of last season with an ACL injury. Looking forward to Sunday as we have some potentially tight matchups right off the bat!


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