To begin his GM role with the New York Giants- negativity swarmed the fan base, but was their truly a good reason?

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Reason One – “The Josh Norman Case”

The reasoning behind not resigning Josh Norman after their outstanding Super Bowl run, is actually quite clear; he was a distraction to the team. Josh Norman’s ego had gotten in the way of the team chemistry and Dave has always been one that assumes that in order to have a cohesive unit, you must all think the same way. This is a perfect scenario for the current New York Giants team, with their team having communication issues. Dave Gettleman has always been seen attempting to settle the rifts occurring with teammate Eli Apple.

“He was very attentive. He was focused. I told him he’s got a clean slate for me. Let’s move forward. Let’s see what happens.”


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Reason Two – “Skillful Drafting”

One thing that is undeniable, is his taste in the draft. He has had very well previous success with his high round draft selections through out his time as GM. With the Panthers, the 3 years he did their draft many future NFL starters on capable teams, Star Lotulelei, Kawann Short, Kelvin Benjamin, Kony Ealy, Trai Turner, Shaq Thompson, Devin Funchess, Cameron Artis-Payne and many more. The New York Giants have had drafting issues the past few seasons coming away with next to nothing besides maybe a role player here and there; so with Dave running it draft, expect to see quality Offensive lineman and Linebackers being drafted and progressed to game day starters.


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Reason Three – “Previous Success”

Gettleman was The Sporting New’s Executive of the Year following the 2015 NFL season. Throughout his tenure, that was his strongest showing as the team had a QB named MVP, they went 15-1 and made it to the Super Bowl for just the second time in franchise history. This single season wasn’t just a fluke however, prior to this season they continuously won their divison, 3 times in a row to be exact; carrying Dave to an all time 40-23-1 record as GM of the Carolina Panthers. Due to one final bad year in office he was fired, leaving his talents stranded. The Giants seem to be having issues lately with consistency and stability season to season, so Gettleman will help build a team that can compete for the future and the present.

As you can see, it is too soon to judge the book by its cover, only time will tell what Dave Gettleman truly has in store for this franchise.





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