After signing Giancarlo Stanton to a massive contract extension prior to this past season’s end, the Marlins have now practically elected to part ways with the 29-year-old slugger following his best season as a professional. He smacked 59 home runs, drove in 132 runs, and batted an impressive .281, earning him National League MVP honors over Joey Votto by just two votes.

Derek Jeter’s ownership group is looking to clean house as much of the roster is said to be on the trade block. Big-name players such as Christian Yelich, Marcell Ozuna, and Dee Gordon might be on the move this offseason as well as Stanton. The Marlins and Giants are currently in discussions for Miami’s ultra-talented right-fielder, Jon Morosi reports. Apparently, the trade would most likely be accepted if San Francisco commits to paying a minimum of $250 million of Stanton’s $295 million remaining on his contract. This would surely add the power-bat that the Giants need to regain relevance in the playoff chase. Their offense hit the least amount of home runs in the entire league and ranked almost dead-last in almost every other category in 2017. Trading for Stanton would surely bolster their pathetic lineup in an immense way. But, would the Marlins truly benefit from shipping their best player elsewhere?

There is a slim possibility that the Marlins retain Stanton, but they need to. He accounted for almost 20 percent of the team’s RBI’s and 30 percent of their home runs, establishing his dominance and his worth to the Marlins’ franchise. Frankly, Miami needs him if they want to have any hopes to contend for years to come. He is only 28-years-old and is entering the prime of his career. Prior to the decision to close his stance shown below, he was just your prototypical power-hitter. Now, he is a force to be reckoned with that can crush the ball over 480 feet on any given pitch.


Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images


I simply cannot fathom why the Marlins are looking to deal their superstar and cornerstone player. He is young, uber-productive, and the face of their franchise. He is the one player that you can hang your hat on at the end of the day and say, “He’s our guy”. Stanton is the piece to build around in Miami. Jeter and his group are foolish if they honestly believe that trading him would improve their team. I understand to a certain extent that past ownership is partly to blame for this situation by extending Stanton’s contract for the absurd amount of money that he is owed. But at the same time, he could very well be worth the $290 million that he is owed due to his production and clubhouse presence.

Only time will tell where Giancarlo Stanton will land, but if I were the general manager of the Marlins, I would hold on to him for a very, very long time.


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