The Cavs are struggling at full strength, Boston is shockingly good with a 12 game win streak, the Bucks, Pistons and Magic are making a case for a Playoff appearance.

The NBA continues to amaze as the teams we expected to win are struggling and the teams we swept under the carpet are excelling.

The shocking reality of the Boston Celtics has been real as they look to add on to a 12 game win streak gained while both Kyrie and Al Horford have missed a few games and their off-season acquisition Gordon Hayward is out after the gruesome injury.

While the Celtics dominate the Cleveland Cavaliers and Oklahoma City Thunder continue to struggle and teams like the Orlando Magic (who currently sit 5th), Minnesota Timberwolves (4th) and Detroit Pistons (2nd) in the conference make their case for the playoffs.

Giannis Antentokounmpo has been exceeding expectations and is leading the way with Points on his MVP caliber season with a new teammate.

This and more on “NBA This Week” with LA Jay and Young Peter


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