Twenty-nine years in the making and the Dodgers are back in the World Series, but this time they are not the under dogs.

The Dodgers annihilated the defending champion Cubs 11-1 in game 5 where Kike Hernandez had a night. A difficult year for Hernandez, losing his grandfather and watching his home country of Puerto Rico get devastated by multiple Hurricanes he managed to find strength to perform and help the Dodgers reach the World Series.  Through the entire series the cubs scored 8 runs and Kike almost out scored them by himself in game five with three home runs and driving in seven RBI’s.

The LCS MVP was shared by Chris Taylor and Justin Turner, but in all honesty it should have been a quad-MVP as Yasiel Puig and Kenley Jansen were incredible during the entirety of the post season. Justin Turner missed the regular season batting title by a few points, but kept the momentum going in the post season while having the second most important home run in Dodgers history with a walk off win in game two of the NLCS. Yasiel Puig had enough energy to power all of Los Angeles and he was up there in performance throughout the playoffs with an OPS of 1.169. Kenley Jansen through seven games and eight innings was lights out with twelve strikeouts only allowing 2 hits.

Chris Taylor, an unlikely candidate for LCS MVP, began the year as a utility player before given the opportunity to earn a permanent starting position. He thrived in the outfield, but his versatility became key factor when players went down. CT3 was one of the main contributors to the regular season success for the Dodgers reaching 104 wins and now advancing into the World Series. Nobody saw this guy coming.

The Dodgers will be well-rested for Tuesday’s game one of the World Series and in the video we highlight how the Dodgers eliminated the Cubs, what to expect and the excitement to be expected.



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