Kobe Bryant is undoubtedly the greatest Laker of All-Time.

20 Years of service with one franchise. 5X NBA Champion. 81 points in a single game. 18X All Star. Thirty-Thousand points. Legendary career.
To think he could have accomplished much more, but father time found another way to stop him. It came in the form of a tear to the Achilles tendon and with that the slow process of deterioration on his body began.
Who knows what could’ve been if not for the Achilles tear we can only speculate, but what is certain Kobe was robbed of at least 2 MVP (2006/2009) 81 Points in ’06 and MVP chants in every arena outside of staples in ’09 as a couple of reasons. The 2013 season was looking very intense in Kobe Bryant’s career multiple come from behind wins and posterizing Dunks all being shadowed by the drama ensuing outside of the basketball court with Mike D’Antoni and Dwight Howard.
Legends and Hall of Famers have multiple Jersey’s retired, but by multiple teams in different arenas. Kobe Bryant will be the first player to have both of his numbers retired by the same team and rightfully so, I mean who in their right mind, drafted or acquired by any means to play for the Lakers, have the balls to request 8 or 24.
In this segment we dig into the type of statue he should have at Staples Center’ ‘Star Plaza’. Which Kobe was better Frobe or the black Mamba?



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