As we enter the later parts of the season, the 3rd fastest team to reach their 80th win comes on the 9th day in August and 113 games into season. The Dodgers are on pace to surpass their franchise record of 105 Wins set by the 1953 team which included Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella, Duke Snider, Johnny Podres, Gil Hodges and Pee Wee Reese. We are witnessing one of the most potent offenses and ‘un-hittable’ pitching staffs in Major League history. Just how exactly did the Dodgers get here?

It wasn’t luck.

They have surpassed the 2016 Injuries number of 21 with a whopping 31 this year as of this date. Kershaw has been out for the majority of the 2nd half, the veteran leaders Adrian Gonzalez and Andre Ethier have also been dealt to the Disabled List for an extensive part of the season. So how exactly did they arrive to 80 Wins with their best players out for a long undetermined time?

Call up, revitalization and a diamond in the rough.

Looking into the stats and performances the team is not being lifted by one single performer rather the entire team is huddling around the vision and leadership of Dave Roberts, a sure-fire to repeat as the Manager of the Year, and charging forward into every series. The Dodgers are the only team in the league to not be swept, they have yet to lose a series since June 5th vs Washington and have outscored all, but 3 teams. Much can be credited to Cody Bellinger, since his call up on April 25th the Dodgers have gone 71-23 and Chris Taylor who leads the League in Grand Slams. Puig has revitalized his career as he is in the front to receive a Gold Glove and has been the best 8th spot hitter in the League. Many variables go into play when discussing how the Dodgers arrived to Eighty wins, but one thing is certain, it only matters if they are the last team standing at the end of it all.



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