These Coaches are in for a rude awakening after another rough season.

1. Marvin Williams

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This should come as a concern to many, as Marvin Williams should have been fired already. Williams has been the head coach of the Bengals since 2003 without one playoff win despite making the playoffs five straight years from 2011-2015. The fact that Williams is 0-7 career in the playoffs is more than a cause for concern. The Bengals are expected to be awful this year and have a lack a since of direction. With Questions surrounding QB Andy Dalton, an Offensive Line that lost two starters this past off-season, and a sub par secondary, the Bengals will have another failure of a season.

2. John Harbaugh

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The Head Coach of the Baltimore Ravens has experienced many ups and downs during his tenure as head coach. They range from winning the Super Bowl in 2012 to a 5-11 season, with a few 8-8 seasons. A lot of this has to do with the fact the Ravens have been bitten by the injury bug worse than any other team and the fact that Ravens QB Joe Flacco has failed to live up to his 3 year 66,400,000 dollar deal. Since signing the mega deal Flacco has posted a career low in interceptions and QB rating. Flacco has also been bitten by the injury bug with a few back problems and a torn ACL. At the end of the day the Ravens are stuck with Flacco’s contract for three more years. Something needs to change in Baltimore and it starts with Coach Harbaugh.

3. Chuck Pagano

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The Colts were spoiled with Peyton Manning. Manning brought a winning culture. Pagano became the Coach of the Colts in 2012 and has since been to one conference championship. Pagano couldn’t have asked for a better set up in Indianapolis. He started with a once in a lifetime franchise QB in Andrew Luck. However, Pagano has been unable to take advantage of Luck’s talent. Combine this with multiple 8-8 seasons and Pagano’s health issues, Pagano’s time in Indy could be winding down.

4. Mike Zimmer

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Since Zimmer was hired as head coach of the Minnesota Vikings in 2014 he has a record of 26-22. A .500 win percent is mediocre. The Vikings are a team in win now mode. However, I don’t think the Vikings will be as good as people may think. Outside of Stefon Diggs, their receiving core is scary.  Additionally, Kyle Rudolph has a history of injuries. Despite upside from rookie running back Dalvin Cook, this Vikings team will have a stagnant offense and struggle to put points on the board. With these concerns Zimmer could possibly have more losses than wins during his Vikings tenure. Zimmer is the least likely on the list to get fired, but don’t be shocked if it happens.

5. Todd Bowles

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The New York Jets are bad and everyone knows it. This  franchise is  incomplete rebuild mode and don’t be surprised if Bowles doesn’t even make it all the way through the season. The Jets biggest hole is at QB and the NFL is hard to win without one. Bowles overachieving season with Ryan Fitzpatrick in 2015 gave Jets fans false hope as Fitz went on to show his true colors. A complete makeover in New York will start with Bowles. Although, don’t be surprised to see Bowles get another chance at coaching somewhere in the next few years.


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