As we come to a close for this seasons trade deadline, we look over the winners and losers for every big deal made at the MLB deadline.

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Trade One:

Chicago Cubs Receive- [SP] Jose Quintana

Chicago White Sox Receive- [2B] Bryant Flete, [RHP] Dylan Cease, [LF] Eloy Jimenez and [1B] Matt Rose

Review- In this trade, the Cubs received a top of the rotation starter who on the year is pitching with a [4.16ERA/134 SO] which will help their struggling starting rotation on their push to win the World Series for back-to-back seasons. The White Sox improved their farm system with this trade, they received prospects that have turned into their [#2, #8] in their system. This will help them with their current rebuild after going into sell mode.

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Trade Two:

Washington Nationals Receive- [RP] Ryan Madson and [RP] Sean Doolittle

Oakland Athletics Receive- [P] Blake Treinen, [LHP] Jesus Luzardo and [3B] Sheldon Neuse

Review- The Washington Nationals have had many issues with the backend of their bullpen this season, so they took a risk and traded for two relievers. They acquired an injury prone Doolittle [3.95ERA/27.1IP] and a solid veteran reliever in Ryan Madson [1.83ERA/44.1IP]. This only cost them what was soon to become the A’s [#7, #15] prospects in their farm system respectably. The Nationals feel like this is one of the final chances they have to win a WS with this current core of Zimmerman/Harper/Murphy. While on the other end of the spectrum the A’s are in complete blow up mode for the season.

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Trade Three:

Arizona Diamondbacks Receive- [RF] J.D. Martinez

Detroit Tigers Receive- [3B] Dawel Lugo, [SS] Jose King and [SS] Sergio Alcantara

Review- The Diamondbacks got a key piece by acquiring J.D Martinez, he will help contribute ‘pop’ to the lineup, as he has averaged [.289BA/21HR] to a team that is currently holding on to just a Wild Card spot in the playoff picture. They hold a 5 game lead over the Brewers going into Wednesday for the 2nd wild card spot. The Tigers however turned over a new leaf and went into sell mode as they have fallen out of the playoff picture, falling 7 games behind the 2nd wild card spot. The Detroit Tigers acquired what became their [#14, #23] prospects in their system to help boost the upcoming rebuild due to the aging of stars such as Verlander and Cabrera.

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Trade Four:

New York Yankees Receive- [3B] Todd Frazier, [RP] David Robertson and [RP] Tommy Kahnle

Chicago White Sox Receive- [RP] Tyler Clippard, [P] Ian Clarkin, [CF] Blake Rutherford and [CF] Tito Polo

Review- The Yankees in this trade acquired Todd Frazier who has been a respectable veteran that had multiple All-Star seasons, this season he is averaging [.206BA/17HR] which is an improvement over at the corners of the field where Chase Headley was struggling offensively and defensively. The big pieces were the controllable relievers who have very impressive All-Star caliber stats. Robertson [2.68ERA/40.1IP] and Kahnle [2.34ERA/42.1IP]. This is helping the Yankees also clear up space on their 40-man roster by dropping a struggling reliever in Clippard [4.87ERA/0.0WAR] and also two young prospects who may not have had as much value in the Yankee’s deep system. For the Sox however the prospects were a big haul for their system, they became [#5, #24] in their farm.

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Trade Five:

Seattle Mariners Receive- [RP] David Phelps

Miami Marlins Receive- [RHP] Brandon Miller, [CF] Brayan Hernandez, [RHP] Lukas Schiraldi and [RHP] Pablo Lopez

Review- As the Mariners continue their playoff push, they know that relievers are the most important piece in a championship winning team. So they traded for David Phelps who has had a short career so far and is a good presence in the locker room. This season he is surpassing some previous seasons with [3.42ERA/52.2IP]. However he didn’t come cheap as can be imagined. The Marlins boosted their system with prospects who rank [#8, #20, #23] in their farm which helps a struggling system, that traded away too many compensation picks and horrific drafting in recent years.

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Trade Six:

Tampa Bay Rays Receive- [RP] Sergio Romo

Los Angeles Dodgers Receive- Cash Considerations

Review- This was one of the one-sided trades this offseason as the Dodgers received just cash for a veteran Reliever/Closer who is having a down season. Sergio Romo was acquired due to his veteran presence which is important down the road if the Rays manage a playoff push, he is however having a terrible season [6.11ERA/-0.6WAR], but takes up a spot on the 25-man roster up in the Majors.

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Trade Seven:

Boston Red Sox Receive- [3B] Eduardo Nunez

San Francisco Giants Receive- [P] Gregory Santos and [P] Shaun Anderson

Review- After releasing ‘The Panda’ who was one a WS MVP not many seasons ago with the SF Giants, the Boston Red Sox traded away key pieces in their system to acquire ANOTHER 3B off the SF Giants, due to the hole they had at that end of the diamond. Nunez however had been having quite a solid season this year in the Majors [.321BA/20SB] playing a mix of SS and 3B. He didn’t come expensively however as the Giants just required a prospect who would become their [#17] in the farm.

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Trade Eight:

Milwaukee Brewers Receive- [RP] Anthony Swarzak

Chicago White Sox Receive- [CF] Ryan Cordell

Review- As the Brewers were going through a tough stretch after the AS Break cooled the team off after a surprisingly hot start to the season, they figured they still had a playoff push in them so they went out of their way to acquire Swarzak who is arguably having a career season [2.28ERA/51.1IP] only giving up what would become the White Sox [#19] prospect in a very strong deep system. He was so cheap due to the fact that he is just a rental for the remainder of the season.

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Trade Nine:

Colorado Rockies Receive- [RP] Pat Neshek

Philadelphia Phillies Receive- [P] Alejandro Requena, [P] J.D. Hammer and [SS] Jose Gomez

Review- Pat Neshek was having a career season this year for the Phillies, averaging [2.26ERA/2.1WAR] but is on the final year of his 3yr contract, so is just a half-year rental. The Colorado Rockies were able to boost their bullpen greatly by just trading away was would become the Phillies [#19] prospect. This will help them in a tight division as the season winds down, and they are forced to face other playoff teams in their division such as the MLB-Best Dodgers and the other wild card team in the National League, DBacks.

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Trade Ten:

Tampa Bay Rays Receive- [1B] Lucas Duda

New York Mets Receive- [RP] Drew Smith

Review- There was thought to be a high market for the Mets first baseman, Duda after putting up impressive power stats the first half of the season [20HR/.560SLG] but the fact that he was just a half-year rental must have scared away teams such as the Yankees and Red Sox. The Rays virtually gave up nothing but some minor league depth for him, the Mets could have gotten a bigger haul, as Smith became just their [#30] prospect in a system led by MLB bound Rosario.

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Trade Eleven:

New York Mets Receive- [RP] A.J. Ramos

Miami Marlins Receive- [P] Merandy Gonzalez, [OF] Ricardo Cespedes

Review- One of the most confusing deadline deals would be this one, the Mets were thought to be bolstering their farm system for future contention but instead decided to sell a solid prospect in Gonzalez to acquire a 2 year closer in Ramos. AJ Ramos was thought the be traded to a contender instead due to the fact that he is having an amazing season [3.98ERA/20SV] but was instead traded to a team that was selling off assets for farm. The Marlins virtually won this big time as they don’t see serious contention for quite a few seasons and got prospects that now rank [#6, #24] in their former weak system.

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Trade Twelve:

New York Yankees Receive- [SP] Jaime Garcia

Minnesota Twins Receive- [P] Dietrich Enns, [P] Zack Littell

Review- Jaime Garcia has flown around the Majors this deadline, he was ‘traded’ to the Twins 2 times from the Braves this season due to the trade falling out once. Then he found his way to the Yankees after starting just one time for the Twins. The Minnesota Twins weren’t able to find their identity as the deadline approached. They went on a massive cold streak dropping them in the standings, they would have had to leapfrog 5 teams to gain a 2nd wild card spot so instead decided to acquire some prospects for their farm from the Yankees. Jaime Garcia is a league veteran is playing the final year of his current contract [4.29ERA/92SO] and won his single start in a Twins jersey. The Twins gained more out of him then they gave up to get him from the Braves, they got a prospect who ranks [#16] in their system but would have been lost for nothing in the Rule 5 draft in the Yankees kept him.

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Trade Thirteen:

Kansas City Royals Receive- [OF] Melky Cabrera

Chicago White Sox Receive- [P] AJ Puckett and [P] Andre Davis

Review- After a very slow start to the season, the Royals have decided that they are going to fight their way into the playoffs with the majority of their core becoming free agents after this season, they have been one of the most recently hottest teams in baseball, going 7-3 in their past 10 games. Melky Cabrera brings a solid bat to the lineup [.291BA/.764OPS] on another expiring contract. The Royals gave the best farm system in the majors another big prospect that became the White Sox [#25].

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Trade Fourteen:

Colorado Rockies Receive- [C] Jonathan Lucroy

Texas Rangers Receive- PTBNL

Review- Although Lucroy is having an off-year, it seems easy to say that the Rockies easily won this trade by acquiring a proven catcher to the lineup [.242BA/.635OPS] after having a season long hole at the Catching position, they finally resolve that issue for one season as Lucroy becomes a free agent next season. Nobody knows yet which player the Rangers have chosen to take as the player is to be named later (PTBNL), but they gave up a 2x All-Star catcher to a contender, who is holding on to the first wild card spot in the NL.

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Trade Fifteen:

Chicago Cubs Receive- [RP] Justin Wilson, [C] Alex Avila

Detroit Tigers Receive- [3B] Jeimer Candelario, [SS] Isaac Paredes and PTBNL

Review- This trade was the big sell-off expected, to the former WS Champs. The Cubs have truly sold off the entirety of their system for another chance to repeat this season after a disappointing start to the season. They acquired a controllable Wilson [2.68ERA/1.4WAR] and a rental in Alex Avila who has exceeded expectations this season [.274BA/11HR] opposed to Kyle Schwarber who was a very big disappointment after a good showing in the WS last season. The Tigers were able to receive a very big haul for their farm, getting what is now their [#3, #8] prospects in the farm and another PTBNL.

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Trade Sixteen:

Boston Red Sox Receive- [RP] Addison Reed

New York Mets Receive- [RHP] Jamie Callahan, [RHP] Gerson Bautista and [RHP] Stephen Nogosek

Review- Arguably, the Red Sox gave up too much for one year rental of Reed. They received a set-up man for their already solid bullpen. Reed is however having a good season [2.70ERA/19SV] but the Red Sox drained their system of relievers to the Mets. This piece for the Sox doesn’t seem like it is going to push them over into the division win category but just helps them push for a potential win of a wild card spot or maybe the division. The Mets bolstered their system on this, they got prospects now numbered [#23, #29] in their very strong farm system. They truly lose nothing, as they aren’t looking to contend this season, after injury encounters.

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Trade Seventeen:

New York Yankees Receive- [SP] Sonny Gray

Oakland Athletics Receive- [RHP] James Kaprielian, [OF] Dustin Fowler, [IF] Jorge Mateo

Review- The Yankee’s managed to move Bean down from wanting Torres/Frazier to accepting a trade sending a bunch of problems for a reliable starter. Sonny Gray is a controllable starter having a career season [3.43ERA/1.175WHIP] on a team friendly contract, not to mention in his already young career he has already been an All-Star. The A’s were robbed of their ace, they received Kap who had TJS this past season, Fowler who is out for the season with a huge injury and Jorge Mateo who has known to be unpredictable and has had anger/attitude issues with team officials. It looks good on paper however as the A’s gained their [#3, #5, #11] prospects, but looking deeper into injury history and respectability, they were robbed.

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Trade Eighteen:

Pittsburgh Pirates Receive- [RHP] Joaquin Benoit

Philadelphia Phillies Receive- [RHP] Seth McGarry

Review- Another one-sided trade, instead of the Phillies losing a veteran for next to nothing, they gained some minor league strength at least. Benoit is having a very down season [4.07ERA/42IP] and is on an expiring deal, but adds a veteran presence to a team that is going to later on trade some of their bullpen. The Phillies got a prospect who unfortunately doesn’t make their top-30 in the system but still adds minor league depth and clears up a roster spot to give a prospect a chance in the majors.

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Trade Nineteen:

Houston Astros Receive- [LHP] Francisco Liriano

Toronto Blue Jays Receive- [OF] Norichika Aoki and [OF] Teoscar Hernandez

Review- The Houston Astro’s got their deadline lefty who will hold down the bullpen for them instead of making starts. Liriano is another expiring deal but is also having a very bad season [5.88ERA/0.1WAR]. The majority of the runs he gives up occur in the first inning of his outing, where now as a reliever, every outing will start off as the ‘first inning’ so who knows how that will play out for him in an Astros jersey. The Blue Jays gained a lot in this trade, a controllable role-player in Aoki [.272BA/.694OPS] and Teoscar Hernandez who is now their [#5] prospect in their farm system led by Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

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Trade Twenty:

Washington Nationals Receive- [RP] Brandon Kintzler

Minnesota Twins Receive- [LHP] Tyler Watson

Review- As the deadline approached, the Nationals realized that adding Doolittle and Madson wouldn’t be enough to help the playoff push and potential WS Run, so they decided to go after Brandon Kintzler who is on an expiring deal but is having a strong season [2.78ERA/28SV] as the Minnesota Twins closer. The Twins realized after trading Garcia that they have no chance to compete this season with an aging team, so they decided to gain prospect value off the Nats. They acquired who is now their [#18] prospect in the system which has been bolstered as of late.

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Trade Twenty-one:

Los Angeles Dodgers Receive- [LHP] Tony Watson

Pittsburgh Pirates Receive- [RHP] Angel German and [INF] Oneil Cruz

Review- After the Pirates acquired another reliever to end this season off, they decided that it may be smart to trade Tony Watson [3.59ERA/10SV] before his contract expired and could potentially lose him for nothing. They were able to seal their fate of not making the playoffs and instead boost their system. Gaining their [#16] prospect for close to nothing.

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Trade Twenty-two:

Los Angeles Dodgers Receive- [SP] Yu Darvish

Texas Rangers Receive- [OF/2B] Willie Calhoun, [RHP] A.J. Alexy, and [INF] Brendon Davis

Review- Literally minutes before the deadline passed, the Dodgers made the final splash acquiring who they believe will truly boost them ahead of the rest of the league. The Dodgers have been in search for their first title since ’88, and due to the strength of this seasons team, having the best starting pitching in the league led by Kershaw, Wood, Hill and now Darvish, and arguably the best bullpen led by Jansen and Watson, they are a force to be reckoned with. The Texas Rangers gave up their playoff push by trading away their star player Darvish [4.01ERA/148SO] with the belief of re-signing him this coming offseason. They however bolstered their farm system greatly by gaining prospects [#2, #19, #29] in their respectable system.

As it can be seen, this non-waiver trade deadline had some big splashes, and splashed the hopes of some teams playoff chances, which will bust? Which will pay off? Now we wait and find out.


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