Before the NBA season kicks off in a few months, it’s always interesting to make predictions on who will be a bust and who will be a bang. Rose, is hypothetically always going to be a Bang for this new Cleveland Cavaliers team.

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Reason One –

Derrick Rose managed to average [18PPG, 4.4APG] in the ‘odd’ offensive setup playing in the triangle offense in New York last season, but it still was the most PPG he had since the ’11-’12 season. Where now he is on a contending team, with a solid offensive gameplan. Not to mention the only NBA MVP’s during ’09-’16 have been LeBron James, Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant and Stephon Curry. The fact that the best part of Rose is scoring the ball, brings me to my next point.

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Reason Two –

Assuming that all goes well with trading Kyrie Irving, the Cavs will get in exchange another starting caliber point guard [Bledsoe?] meaning Rose can play off the bench. Last season during the playoffs, the biggest issue was scoring points when LeBron and Irving were off the court, they were the only true playmakers so now with the addition of Rose off the bench, he will be the facilitator they were missing last season to help keep the offense rolling as the 6th man. Keep in mind if they don’t receive a starting point guard after trading Irving, Rose will still be an improvement then he was last season, going from playing with a young Porzingis and Melo to playing alongside Love and LeBron, virtually easily increasing his PPG and APG.

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Reason Three –

Another ‘What If?’ is maybe playing less minutes per game by being ‘the guy’ off the bench will put less wear and tear on his body, increasing how many games he can handle and maybe avoiding another serious injury for the rest of his career. Over the past two seasons he’s played an average of 65 games while being the starting point guard. As a backup 6th man maybe he can push that to 70, making him a solid star player if he keeps his averages on the upwards climb also.

Clearly, how could Cleveland have lost this deal, they signed someone on a Veterans Minimum who has previously proven he can be the NBA MVP, if he manages to rejuvenate his career, this will be by far the biggest offseason steal.


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