Rumors have been swirling in the Cleveland Cavaliers front office all offseason long. The latest one, involves former NBA Champion point guard Kyrie Irving. Here are realistic trades that could go down before the seasons beginning.

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Scenario One :

Cavs Receive – Isaiah Thomas, 2018 Nets 1st Rounder, Top 10 protected future Celtics 1st rounder

Celtics Receive – Kyrie Irving, Future Cavaliers 2nd rounder

Recap – This is one of the few potential trades where both teams come out winners, the Celtics must give up a lot though. The Celtics give up a lot of assets (the valuable picks) and the ‘face’ of the team right now, but they gain a lot in Irving that Thomas doesn’t present. Isaiah Thomas was ranked as the 2nd worst defender based off plus-minus last season in the entire league, through every position, where Kyrie Irving is a well-known, athletic capable defender. Not to mention Kyrie Irving’s contract lasts at least two more seasons with a player option for the third season where Isaiah’s expires this upcoming season, forcing the Celtics into cap issues due to the contract demands of Thomas. The Cavaliers have had issues with the youth of the team due to not having a good draft pick in over 3 seasons, where adding both a future Celtics first rounder, which the aging Al Horford will help add value to it. Then the Nets pick is all but guaranteed to be lottery this upcoming season, not to mention the value of adding Thomas for a season is sure to help the offensive side of the ball for the Cavs, Thomas finished in the top 5 for MVP voting this past season.

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Scenario Two :

Cavs Receive – Eric Bledsoe, Marquese Chriss, Future Suns 2nd rounder

Suns Receive – Kyrie Irving

Recap – At first glance, the Phoenix Suns are the ‘clear’ winners in this trade and are giving up next to nothing, but when digging deeper into the stats you would notice that it is a lot better of a trade for the Cavaliers. To demonstrate this, ill give you two players stats and tell me which player you’d rather have on your team. Player One, [25.2PPG, 3.2RPG, 5.8APG] vs Player Two [21.1PPG, 4.8RPG, 6.3APG]. Chances are you said player two, well that is actually Eric Bledsoe who has become known around the league as one of the most well-rounded players in the league who has been very underrated. Not to mention although the Cavaliers do indeed lose 4PPG more with the loss of Irving, it is virtually canceled out with the addition of Marquese Chriss who is a 2nd year player of age 20 and averaged [9.2PPG, 4.2RPG] last season. The Cavaliers will also be able to probably squeeze a 2nd rounder out in this traded which may or may have some protections onto it just as an additive.

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Scenario Three :

Cavs Receive – Carmelo Anthony, Courtney Lee, Future Knicks 1st rounder, Future Knicks 2nd rounder

Knicks Receive – Kyrie Irving

Recap – It is to the point where the New York Knicks are just searching for a face for the franchise, Carmelo is sick of the franchise, they fired Phil Jackson and the fans are sick of their draft picks. Taking a route where they are able to pair up Porzingis and Irving is very appealing for the long-term although the locked in contract of Hardaway is scary. Now that they have their new starting shooting guard, they are able to trade away Lee to the Cavaliers who will become a solid backup to JR Smith. Carmelo Anthony can potentially turn back the clock and play like Team USA Melo now that he’s with his Banana Boat Buddy LeBron James. It is a high risk high reward for the Cavaliers, the key piece in this can also be seen as the picks included because due to leadership issues it’s almost a promise that the pick will be lottery. Where the Knicks have a low risk, high reward in the addition of Irving, who actually requested a trade to the Knicks, and also removing the negative vibes that Anthony gave out all season long.

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Scenario Four :

Cavs Receive – Gary Harris, Will Barton, Jamal Murray, Future Nuggets 2nd rounder

Nuggets Receive – Kyrie Irving, Iman Shumpert

Recap – This blockbuster trade once again seems unfair towards the Cavaliers but surprisingly they win it again, gaining back lots of salary, getting younger and great production. Team One [32.7PPG, 6.3RPG, 7.2APG] vs Team Two [38.5PPG, 10RPG, 8.4APG], Team One has an average age of 26 years old and has $48 Million guaranteed, Team Two has an average age of 23 and $9 Million guaranteed. As surprising as it may be, team two is the Denver Nuggets, who are giving up a young core of three players and a 2nd rounder for the star Kyrie Irving. The Cavaliers get a lot younger, more salary to make another blockbuster trade midway through the season for the remainder of the season and playoff push and a deeper lineup. They have a point guard of the future in Murray, a solid backup SG in Barton and a versatile Harris who can play both guard positions. The Nuggets do although win in this case because they get to pair up Kyrie with Millsap which could become a dynamic duo in the Western Conference.

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Scenario Five :

Cavs Receive – Alex Abrines, Carmelo Anthony, Frank Ntilikina, Future Knicks 2nd rounder

Thunder Receive – Kevin Love, Courtney Lee, Future Knicks 1st rounder, Future Cavaliers 2nd rounder

Knicks Receive – Kyrie Irving, Enes Kanter, Kyle Singler, Future Thunder 2nd rounder

Recap – This is the most bold one out of all the potential trades, just due to the fact that it is a 3-team trade. Three team trades rarely happen due to cap requirements needing to be met and just how challenging it is to get three teams to all feel as though they are getting the good end of the trade. The Cavaliers get a solid 3-Point shooter to back up JR Smith in Alex Abrines, get their dynamic duo in Carmelo Anthony with his Team USA partner LeBron James. They also get a young rookie in Frank who they can help develop and helps an aging core have a player to help carry the load, then the Knicks pick is just an addition. The Thunder gain their PF in Kevin Love which has been an issue and a tough spot to fill since losing Ibaka and Durant in the same offseason, but pairing him with an already duo of PG13 and Westbrook could potentially be unstoppable on both ends of the court. Courtney Lee could be the replacement of Alex Abrines, but less valuable. The big part of the trade for the Thunder is gaining the Knicks and Cavs picks to help support a core that just got older with this trade and the PG13 trade. The Knicks add arguably the most productive offensive 6th man from last season in Enes Kanter, who has been underrated and is also under contract for years to come, along with Kyrie Irving who is going to become a great young core with Porzingis on both ends of the court. The addition of Kyle Singler and the Thunder pick are just salary fillers and help even the trade out for every team.

As far as we know, Kyrie could start next season in a Cleveland jersey, he could end it in a Cleveland jersey, or he could be playing at south beach; these are just some potential outcomes that could very easily happen today, tomorrow… or never.


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