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The Boston Celtics may have become all hype over the course of this offseason with the acquisition of Gordon Hayward. There may be no way to prevent LeBron from winning the Eastern Conference after their recent transactions.

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Reason One :

Although they indeed added Gordon Hayward, it didn’t come at a cost of potential chemistry in the locker room and on the court. On January 3rd this past season, when the Boston Celtics played and defeated the Utah Jazz, 115-104, the game started off with the Boston fans cheering for Hayward. Jae Crowder took to twitter expressing himself and seemingly taking it personally, almost as if they wanted Crowder replaced with Hayward.



Reason Two :

There is no way to virtually defend the Cleveland Cavaliers with their current teams defensive stance. After trading away Avery Bradley, who averaged [16.3PPG, 6.1RPG] last season and is a 2x All-Defensive team guard; the Boston Celtics will encounter issues with defense on guards. Isaiah Thomas was ranked 467th out of the 468th active NBA players in Defensive Real Plus-Minus last season, where they would usually rely on the defense from Bradley to guard Kyrie Irving and other top-notch guards, they will be forced to have IT guard them weakly. The Celtics main weakness coming into this offseason was their big-men, they unfortunately didn’t address it at all either, during the 5-game series vs the Cavs they were outrebounded by 25 rebounds. Not to mention the Celtics have no true rim-protector on their roster, leaving lanes wide open for the high flying LeBron.

Reason Three :

In order to create room for All-Star forward Gordon Hayward to join the current roster they were forced to let go on some long time centers on their roster. They didn’t resign either of their ‘true’ centers from the previous season, Kelly Olynyk who put up a respectable 9.0PPG and 4.8RPG for them and truly shined in the playoffs, earning him a payday in Miami. They also decided to release Tyler Zeller who averaged [3.4PPG, 2.4RPG] for them. The Celtics attempted to counter these losses of Bradley, Olynyk and Zeller by adding another offensive minded forward named Marcus Morris who averaged [14PPG, 4.6RPG] last season. After all these moves, they only have one center on the roster with NBA experience, Aron Baynes who averaged a poor [4.9PPG, 4.4RPG] last season. The losses of a perennial guard defender and two key big men just to add more depth at the forward position, should be put at question.

Reason Four :

One of the key reasons fans and players believe the Boston Celtics will be a huge threat next season is due to the ‘big 3’ core that the Celtics have formed, IT, Hayward and Horford. This big 3 may very well become a big 2 due to the often forgotten fact that Horford is injury prone, he has only played 80+ games in a season three times in his career due to constant injuries may they be minor or major. He isn’t a simple dump off to another team either, due to his max contract gifted last season, he comes with a price. Last season he had one of his worst performances too, playing in under 70 games, he put up his career low for RPG, and his worst PPG in the past 5 seasons. Lastly, his passes weren’t as sharp as they usually are due to him having his 3rd most Turnovers per game in his 10 season career.

Reason Five :

The final key reason for an almost unpreventable downfall to be expected next season, is Jae Crowder will be expected to play a bigger role at the Power Forward position then this past season. Crowder is a natural Small Forward but due to the Celtics drafting another SF and also signing one during free agency, an over abundance there will force him to fill shoes of the missing power forward, Amir Johnson. Placing someone out of position for the course of an entire season usually is asking for drop-offs in stat categories. Jae already struggled in the past few seasons, and last season he was putting up the 2nd most shots in his 6 season career, while managing the most turnovers per game in his career. The prototypical height of an NBA Power Forward is 6’9″ to 6′”10, forcing Crowder to excel on both ends of the court with a player who will in most cases have a four inch height advantage and a larger wingspan then him, leading to a drop-off in numbers.

It should be clear that the Boston Celtics will encounter some issues next season, will they overcome them is the real question; does Ainge have something up his sleeve?


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